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Updated: May 23

The Oakleigh Cricket Club is appealing to the club community for an interested person to fill the vacant Administration Secretary position for the coming season.


The key part of the role involves monitoring the club's email. The Secretary would then Identify the emails that require further attention and distribute the information to the relevant club stakeholders. The Secretary would then follow up with the email recipient to ensure that the matter had been attended to.


This role has been undertaken informally over the past few seasons by a number of already overworked club administrators.


Our club is an incredibly successful organisation both on and off the field, but the time has definitely arrived where the current club administrators need some additional help, not only in this role, but in a variety of other important club positions such as the Craig Carnival Coach, Junior Coach, Woolworths Blast Coordinator, Chairman of Selectors, Net Captain, and Social Media Manager to name a few.


I am available to be contacted at any time by anyone who may have an interest in taking on the challenge of becoming the new Administration Secretary of the Oakleigh Cricket Club, and any other positions you may care to volunteer to perform.


I look forward to your expressions of interest..

Regards and best wishes,

Peter Webb


0412 533 732


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