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Honour Boards

Life Members

A roll call of some of the greatest Oaks in our storied history.

150 Senior Game Players

An exclusive list of 'purple & gold' champions, representing the club for over a decade.

Junior Award Winners

Includes winners of the Roly Williams Trophy, Roly Williams Award & Jack Irving Memorial Trophy.

1st XI Centuries

Some memorable innings in this list of Oakleigh batters, highlighted by none other than Val Holten.

Partnership Records

Some incredible partnerships across the grades.

1st XI Cap Numbers

A list of all players to represent the Oakleigh Cricket Club 1st XI since 1949.

Senior Award Winners

Includes winners of the Val Holten, Peter Newton, Sam Blackburn & DW Nicholl Memorial trophies.

Club Award Winners

Includes winners of the Allan Stamps Trophy & Lionel Dickson Memorial Trophy.

Senior Hat-Tricks

A roll-call of Oaks bowlers lucky enough to capture 

500-Run Seasons

A milestone widely considered the benchmark for elite batters in the Subbies competition.


Premierships 1976-2000
Premierships 2011-2020
Premierships 1951-1975
Premierships 2001-2010
Premierships 2021-Present

Club Records & Statistics

All-Time Senior Records
1st XI Statistics
3rd XI Statistics
5th XI Statistics
All-Time Junior Records
2nd XI Statistics
4th XI Statistics
T20 Statistics
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