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Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Paul Tolson “Tols” is one of the OCC’s finest servants, not only was he one of the greatest exponents of swing bowling the club has seen, but folk law has it that he is also the reason Spike Pinwill and Joey Roberts arrived, and stayed at OCC. The rest they say, is history.

Once Tols hung up the Pelaco playing/business shirt, he took on the role of First XI team manager and scorer. He was the confidant of many a captain and player, offering his words of wisdom and insights into the game in his understated, yet insightful way. When Tols was around, things just happened, cones were out, umpires paid, team sheets submitted, score book immaculate (despite everyone asking questions) and much to the treasurer’s delight, scores phoned in and put up online.

At the end of a day’s play, Tols would remain in his scoring position as players from other grounds returned to the club, people would be drawn to Tols as they looked over the scorebook (before online scoring) and he recounted the days play/highlights in his unique manner. It was more than a place to score for Tols, it was, and is, his place in our club.

It is therefore only fitting that the Scorer’s Box is now named in Tols honour.


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