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As the new season approaches, Oakleigh Cricket Club is gearing up to continue its legacy as the benchmark of the competition. To achieve our goals and maintain our high standards, we are seeking passionate and dedicated individuals to fill several key positions within our club. Your support and involvement are crucial to our success, and we invite you to join our dynamic team!

Vacant Positions

Chairman of Selectors

  • Lead the selection committee and ensure the best team compositions for each match.

  • Collaborate with coaches and team captains to make strategic decisions.

Social Media Manager

  • Manage and grow our social media presence across various platforms.

  • Create engaging content to promote the club, events, and match updates.

Craig Coach

  • Provide expert coaching to the Craig team, focusing on skill development and strategy.

  • Foster a positive and competitive team environment.

Woolworths Blast Coordinator

  • Oversee the Woolworths Blast program, introducing young kids to the game of cricket.

  • Coordinate sessions, manage volunteers, and ensure a fun, safe environment.

Junior Coach

  • Mentor and develop young cricketers in our junior teams.

  • Plan and conduct training sessions, focusing on skill improvement and sportsmanship.

Net Captain

  • Manage the nets during training sessions.

  • Ensure a structured and efficient practice environment for all players.

Why Join Oakleigh Cricket Club?

Oakleigh Cricket Club is more than just a sports team; it's a community dedicated to excellence, camaraderie, and the love of cricket.

By joining our team, you will:

  • Be Part of a Legacy: Contribute to a club with a rich history and a strong reputation.

  • Make a Difference: Play a vital role in nurturing talent and supporting our players.

  • Build Connections: Network with fellow cricket enthusiasts and form lasting friendships.

  • Develop Skills: Gain valuable experience and skills in sports management and coaching.

How to Apply

If you are passionate about cricket and are eager to contribute to our club's success, we would love to hear from you! For more information about the roles or to express your interest, please contact President, Peter Webb at

Together, let's make the 2024/25 season one of the best yet. Your involvement can make a significant impact, ensuring Oakleigh Cricket Club remains at the forefront of the competition.


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